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S&H Finance is known as one of  America's best leading loan brokerage company on the market today. Achieving 30% higher funding in the fastest turnaround time when compared to any leading competitor in the industry. 


First starting out in 2012, we have an extensive past banking background, an in-depth knowledge of credit analysis, perfected consumer lending expertise, and long-lasting relationship-based banking, we are guaranteed to provide you with the optimal funding experience attainable. 


Thanks to our honest and hardworking ethic is the reason why our clients and business affiliates come back to us 3x in a 5 years period. Never asking for upfront fees or hidden fees, we make sure that you will acquire exactly what you asked for when working with us. Charging a low back-end fee giving you the freedom pay at the end of the funding process. Ensuring you that if you don't get paid, we don't get paid. Which is exactly why so many consumers like you trust in our company to get you the best in funding,  we give you a  clear, honest, walk through the process.beginning to end.   


How Funding Works

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We ask for your credit report at least 2 out of the three bureaus must be given. We take a look, we have our expert loan officers give you a quote. If you don't qualify for a pre-approval then we give you an in-depth analysis of your credit offering suggestions and helping to get your credit where it needs to be for funding. 

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Our Specialized Loan Representatives will match you with the best lenders and get your a pre-approval within 24-48 hours. We will let you know the loan amounts, along with the terms, then we obtain those loans for you. 

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Funds straight you, simple. quick easy, fast, no hidden fees, no pre payment penalties

Once Approved and Funding is Processed, ,funds are delivered funds straight to you in 3-7 business days or less! Once funds are delivered you will then pay our back-end fee. So if we don't get you anything, you don't pay! Isn't that great!?

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Loan Steps


Turn In Your Credit Report and In Minutes See How Much You Qualify For In Funding.

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Start The Funding Process

We will send you a few documents. Once completed and you turn in all required documents. Your assigned agent will go over what to expect and began working on your account.

Approval Process

Once we process your account, fill out all necessary paperwork, turn any required documents, speak to the lenders directly, negotiating the best terms and rates.  

Closing The Deal

After verification of documents and final review is complete we work to close the deal in the quickest time possible. Giving you all account information along the way with all documents provided.

Send out funds

All approved funds will be delivered to you by ACH direct deposit to your bank account or mailed to you in check form depending on the lender.

Payment for services

Only after receiving funds is when you will make payment. This is for our services for providing agreed upon funds.  This guarantees our hard work and great customer services throughout the funding process. If you don't get paid, we don't get paid! 

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